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Repairing Pittsburgh and beyond

Princeton, NJ: dailyprincetonian opinion - How do we measure who we are through the lens of a national tragedy like the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh? When these disasters happen, we often signal our solidarity by saying, “We are all Pittsburgh,” or Charlottesville, or Orlando, or others of the too many places where unspeakable hatred and ignorance combine to incite murder and mayhem, and to ignite tragedy and horror. This time, for me, the metaphor is too literally true. The Tree of Life synagogue is one block from the house where I lived as a teenager and where my…
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Tigers Taste Technology

Heilongjiang Province, China: Feb 22, 2017 What happens when you combine ferocious Siberian tigers with modern technology? Bouncing, pouncing, and even a bit of trouncing. Video footage of a habitat for these rare felines in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province shows them meandering about until they catch sight of a reporter's drone used to film with a camera buzzing around. The chubby tigers played cat and mouse with the drone until a two or three-year-old tiger swiped at the camera, a large paw filling its screen before losing signal. The group proceeded to tear the drone apart, with one literally chewing on…
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32 Hour Sit-In at University’s Nassau Hall over Woodrow Wilson’s Racism Legacy

Princeton, NJ: The Black Justice League staged a 32 Hour Sit-In at historic Nassau Hall. The 32 hour sit-in ended when officials agreed to discuss Woodrow Wilson's racism and legacy on the Princeton University campus. Woodrow Wilson was an American politician and academic who served as the 28th President of the United States from 1913 to 1921. Wilson earned a in political science, working as a professor and scholar at various institutions before being chosen as President of Princeton University, where he worked from 1902 to 1910. In the election of 1910, he was the gubernatorial candidate of New Jersey's…
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High school student Wins $250,000 for explaining Einstein’s Theory

Ohio high school senior Ryan Chester became the inaugural winner of a new college scholarship on Sunday night, winning $250,000 for his 7-minute film that uses simple props and hand-drawn graphics to explain Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Besides winning that money for himself, Chester also won $100,000 for a new science lab at his school in the Cleveland suburbs, North Royalton High, social share : 
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