PRINCETON STRONG news – Princeton, Mercer (A Coastal Flood Plain) Capital County, NJ: Princeton University Denise Valenti and Tom Garlinghouse, Office of Communications report 10.30.2019 –

In response to the urgent environmental challenges facing the planet, Princeton faculty and alumni who are working to protect the environment gathered for the Princeton Environmental Forum held on campus Oct. 24-25. They came with knowledge, questions and an eagerness to share ideas from the frontlines of science leadership and environmental advocacy.

Nearly 700 people attended the event, which centered around a series of discussions featuring 40 speakers in Richardson Auditorium. These scientists, policymakers, scholars, authors, and artists and filmmakers delved into the latest research, policies and action related to the impact of extreme weather, the loss of biodiversity, water and food security in a warming climate, and communicating science to the public.

“Today, humanity needs your service more than ever,” University President Christopher L. Eisgruber said in his opening remarks. “Of the challenges facing our world, none are more urgent, or all-encompassing, than those pertaining to the environment. These problems are global, complex and interconnected. Their solutions have to be, as well.”

The event was organized by the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI) as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. PEI is a globally recognized center of excellence in climate science known for its interdisciplinary work in climate change science and policy; its work at the intersection of energy and the environment; and the study of oceans and the atmosphere, water systems, biological complexity, and the ecology of infectious disease. With more than 100 faculty members from 30 academic departments, PEI also is an emerging leader in the field of environmental humanities and the study of urban systems and resiliency.

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