The Historic Princeton Battlefield State Park when the original tree stood. Photo by Stanley Brick (C)Copyright.

The DEP Green Acre’s program has announced an acquisition of a 4.6-acre addition for Princeton Battlefield State Park. The park was the location of the Battle of Princeton during the Revolutionary War. The property directly borders the main battlefield site and consists of slightly rolling land and a series of connected ponds and streams that drain to stony brook. The site will eventually have access for visitors to utilize and will bring the park to a total of 80 acres.  

Jeff Tittel, Director of the Sierra Club, released the following statement: “We are glad to see that the DEP Green Acres decided to buy this property, which is historic and ecologically important. The site has been threatened by encroachment of surrounding development in the area. There have been many battles here to develop this land. The only way we protect the land from these battles is to preserve it through this acquisition.That is why we are happy to see this property preserved.”