Paris, France: Multiple terror operatives set off explosions and gun fire at multiple France locations. Entertainment Venues were targeted including a Paris restaurant, a Soccer Stadium blasted while 80,000 fans watched Germany play France. Another Concert Hall entertainment site’s guests are being held hostage. Shooting started unannounced.

French borders have been closed and the Army is clearing streets. Businesses are also closing. Police Security forces have an assault underway to rescue hostages and remove terrorists. Residents are in lockdown.

Paris, France: Terrorist Bombings 11/13/2015: Additional reports state that 7 terrorist have blow up their waste bomb and 1 terrorist has been eliminated by security forces.

80 people reported dead at Paris Concert Hall where American band Eagles Death Metal was performing. The band was not injured.

Total of 128+ dead from all attacks. Stadium, Concert Hall, and Restaurant under siege. 300 Injured.