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PPPL Innovation at Communiversity

  Princeton, NJ PPPL Research Scientist Devon Battaglia explains the principals of a Fusion Nuclear Reactor using a model at Communiversity. Stanley brick Photographer  Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Fusion Nuclear Reactor model at Communiversity is inspected by Jason Whitlock of Plainsboro. The model represents the actual structure being constructed in  Southern France. Stanley Brick Photographer
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Tech Solutions

Princeton University, NJ: The Center for Jewish Life and The e Club join to learn about Princeton graduate student's Gilad Arwatz innovative reusable deodorant Click Stick. Hilah Almog of also presented Interlude's interactive video platform. The platform allows users to steer content such as the color of an automobile shown in a commercial. The event was hosted by The Princeton Entrepreneurship Club, TFI, and Princeton Film Productions. Photos by Stanley Brick
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Princeton U Reach 2015 Conference

Princeton, NJ: Marketing success at Reach 2015 conference at Princeton University. Industry marketers speak with students during AdThis held at the Woodrow Wilson School April 11, 2015. The best and brightest in todays innovative space reflect on the growing need for differentiated marketing and targeted advertising in today's diverse world.                                   Photographs by Stanley Brick
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