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Emergency Preparedness

Report all emergencies by dialing 9-1-1 What should I do if told to "Shelter in Place"? In certain situations when an emergency occurs so quickly that there is insufficient time to evacuate, or an evacuation would actually place more people in danger, it is necessary to "Shelter in Place". If this should occur, immediately go inside your home or the nearest structure (if you are at work or away from you home), if you have a pet get it inside too, and do the following:  Secure all doors and windows (if tape is available, tape cracks for extra protection).…
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PPPL Innovation at Communiversity

  Princeton, NJ PPPL Research Scientist Devon Battaglia explains the principals of a Fusion Nuclear Reactor using a model at Communiversity. Stanley brick Photographer  Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Fusion Nuclear Reactor model at Communiversity is inspected by Jason Whitlock of Plainsboro. The model represents the actual structure being constructed in  Southern France. Stanley Brick Photographer
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